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Welcome to the show, Jorge Soler!

Just another Cubs prospect who homers in his MLB debut. NBD.


Welcome to the show, Jorge Soler!

Just another Cubs prospect who homers in his MLB debut. NBD.

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… according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person stays with an employer for 4.6 years, while millennials average just 1.3 years on a job.

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Every Outfit Shelley Long Wears in Troop Beverly Hills, Ranked

A late-80s classic for Throwback Thursday. 


"SEO strong!"

It’s all about the page views.

“There’s one dude in the government who gets to control a multibillion-dollar industry with almost no supervision.”

And he goes by the name “Battle.”

The history geek in me gives this a big thumbs up! Kudos to aenetworks

The History Channel has announced the launch of Planet H, a brand extension targeting kids ages seven to 11 with educational content about history. Developed by History and its parent company, A+E Networks, Planet H aims to make learning about history fun by incorporating play, in the form of digital games and other interactive content.

The first Planet H offerings include mobile apps like “Empire Run,” which allows kids to race through ancient empires, hopefully learning about their culture and geography on the way, and “Frontier Heroes,” in which kids compete in mini-games set throughout American history.

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The Australian sociologist Lyn Craig found that in Denmark, women have the most leisure time of mothers in any country she studied — as much as an hour more of leisure a day than mothers in the United States, Australia, and France. One and a half hours of a Danish mother’s leisure time every day is spent in “pure” or child-free time to themselves. American mothers, in contrast, spend the most leisure time of any parents studied with their children, and spend the least amount of leisure time without them. “American mothers, on average, have about thirty-six minutes a day to themselves.

Not surprising to me, Denmark has one of the highest maternal employment rates in the world, with more than 80 percent of mothers with children under 15 in the workforce.

When Brigid asked one Danish couple she interviewed what enables Danish mothers and fathers to have more leisure time than parents in other countries they replied that Americans seem to value achievement above all, and Danes make it a priority to live a good life: “Here, you get a lot of status from what you do in your leisure time. The papers are filled with stories about people doing interesting things with their leisure.” One Danish man also said, “Some of my colleagues who are the highest achieving and most productive pick up their children at 4 or 4:30 every day, no one works at the office until 6, 7, or 8 o’clock just to show they’re there. We tend to focus on what needs to get done and just do it.”


A great catch from every angle.

Rizzo makes this killer catch but the runners advance (resulting in the go-ahead run scoring) because he falls out of the field of play while doing it.